ProVetus started in 2014 as Battle Buds to manage the mentor/mentee relationships that came about from a research study conducted at Teacher’s College - Columbia University.  In the summer 2015, it transitioned to become ProVetus.  Today the organization provides support to military veterans as they transition into the civilian sector. 


ProVetus is a data-informed practice, built upon a solid research base for veteran transitional needs steeped in peer mentorship technique. The ProVetus treatment model is based directly on scientific evidence from the randomized clinical trial, suggesting that the strongest contributors and risk factors for psychological symptoms need to be addressed. 

The ProVetus Program was designed upon the following five principles to bridge the gap of transition from military to civilian life: 


  1. Focus on successful transition of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans to enable them to become the next corporate and societal leaders.

  2. Focused on maximizing protective factors of leadership and social support for all transitioning veterans. Everyone could benefit from a trained mentor to assist in navigating the ''deadly gap".

  3. Focused on short-term transition of veterans to the civilian sector within the five domains (employment/ education, housing, family, social/community/physical activity, and medical care).

  4. Focused on establishing a supportive and collaborative environment for all agencies that serve veterans.

  5. Mentors are trained and receive support from team leaders and mental health provider supervisors to ensure they provide the best support possible to transitioned veterans.​


In 2020 Provetus has partnered with the ETS Sponsorship Program (ETS-SP) to act as the Community Integration Coordinator (CIC) for the New York City Metro Area.


The The ETS Sponsorship Program, established in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Army, exists to sponsor Soldiers through the transition process from military to civilian life.  The program is rolling out across the United States; soldiers and sailors from all branches of the military are invited to participate.


The ETS Sponsorship Program was modeled after the ProVetus trained peer mentoring program, meaning our experience and success mentoring veterans is the foundation of the ETS-SP.


ProVetus will serve as the ETS-SP Point Of Contact (POC), ensuring the most effective resourcing support for sponsor-veteran relationships in the New York City Area. The goal is to provide a sponsor for every Veteran who will be calling the NYC Metro Area their new home. 


We invite you to learn more about opportunities to sponsor  "Our next Citizen Leaders - Our Veterans" by clicking on the Sponsor/Mentor tab.