ProVetus is a trained, peer mentoring program that helps Veterans and service members successfully transition from the military to the civilian sector within five critical domains.
Family &
Legal Issues
Social/Physical Community

Military service can instill our Veterans with character and skills that help them become effective contributors to their communities after they transition from the military. These Veterans bring distinctive capabilities developed through real-world, high pressure experiences that give them a high level of potential to thrive in most environments. ProVetus strives to maximize this potential by providing Veterans a trained and dedicated mentor, so that mentored Veterans can become the next citizen leaders. The training curriculum and intellectual basis for the training for mentors was developed by Veteran-scholars at Teachers College, Columbia University.


ProVetus started in 2014 as Battle Buds to manage the mentor/mentee relationships that came about from a research study being conducted at Teacher’s College and in Summer 2015, transitioned to become ProVetus.  Today the organization provides support to military veterans as they transition into the civilian sector.


ProVetus replicates services already provided in a similar system in the military (e.g., Total Transition Program) that assist every service member to successfully navigate a Permanent Change of Station. In this existing program, sponsors ensure that a service member fully transfers from one duty station to another within such critical domains as - employment/duty, housing, family, social/community and physical activities, and medical care. The sponsor does not provide services within each of the domains but instead offers support to the transferring service member and connects him or her to the organizations/individuals which do provide these services.


Unfortunately, no such comprehensive, end-to-end system currently exists to proactively engage service members in support of her or his transition from the military to the civilian sector or Expiration of Time and Service (ETS). The stressors that can result from transitions within any of the domains can accumulate and inhibit Veterans from truly reaching their full potential. ProVetus strives to provide such an end-to-end system.


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ProVetus has been determined to be a not-for-profit, public charity, # 82-0785216, exempt from the federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations made to this organization are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

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