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ProVetus has partnered with the
ETS Sponsorship Program
and is proud to serve as a 
Community Integration Coordinator (CIC)

The ETS Sponsorship Program assists Soldiers in transition to civilian life and the post-military community of their choice. By coordinating the services of the VA, private, nonprofit organizations and local government, the ETS Sponsorship Program connects transitioning Soldiers with local Sponsors. Sponsors are trained and certified to build relationships and resiliency. The goal is to set conditions for Soldiers and Sponsors to achieve purpose and prosperity, reduce stress and risk, and engage together for continued service to the Nation. 

What services will the Sponsor provide to the transitioning Soldier and Family?

✓ Employment             ✓ Education             ✓ Housing             ✓ Legal concerns

✓ Service benefits            ✓ Medical and mental health care issues


The ETS Sponsorship Program will develop and deploy a new standard in Soldier transition that can be expanded across the nation. ETS Sponsorship will accomplish this through a certification program offered by the VA for Sponsors.


Why should I have a sponsor?

  • Connect with someone who can share knowledge about your new community with you and your family.

  • Develop relationships and engage in shared networks in your new community.

  • Gain insight into resources that will help you thrive during transition.

  • Make the transition less stressful for you and your family.


How will the sponsor work with me?

  • Sponsors will contact you regularly via email, text, or phone.

  • Sponsors will meet with you in-person (or via virtual meeting teleconferencing) at least once a month.

  • Sponsors will share their knowledge of the local area and available resources with you.

  • Sponsors will guide you in identifying goals and developing action plans to achieve these goals.

The ETS Sponsorship Program is available to all current service members

or post 9/11 Veterans (all branches, regardless of discharge status).

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